How Well is Your HP TRIM System Performing?

I have worked with HP TRIM since before it became a HP Product – over 8 years now! Having worked closely with many clients around Australia for this length of time means that I have an extensive list of the organisations that are using TRIM – that’s one example of how I use information management.

Many organisations who use HP TRIM have an existing relationship with a HP Business Partner or utilise internal resources to maintain and upgrade their HP TRIM system. I am not suggesting that you change this arrangement if it’s working for you. In fact, I would like to encourage you to continue to maintain this relationship to ensure that there is some continuity in how your HP TRIM system is configured.

What I would like to propose is that in addition to the services provided by your current service provider, you be proactive by utilising my services for the functions listed below and more. What I’m suggesting is no different to you gaining a second opinion when having work done on your car or your house. Even if you don’t use my services now, you may be stuck at some stage in the future and need my help then. Make sure that you keep this article handy for the future!

Some of the services I can offer include:

HP TRIM Health Checks and Post Implementation Reviews
If you have used HP TRIM for sometime, I can conduct Health Checks of your system to ensure that it is still performing as intended. The Health Checks cover both the configuration or “front end” and also the technical or “back end” side of your implementation. If you have recently implemented HP TRIM for the first time or upgraded your system to a newer version, I can conduct checks and report on whether it is running correctly and make recommendations on how to improve performance and usability. You can then decide if you’d like me or your current service providor to implement those changes.

HP TRIM Training
I can conduct End User, Power User, Administrator, or Technical Administrator training onsite. I have many years experience in delivering, writing, and administering training both in Australia and overseas. Your training packages can be developed to your requirements so if you require the training to be tailored specifically to your organisation or if generic training is all you require, I can help you to achieve your desired results.
HP TRIM Maintenance
You would be surprised at the number of organisations I have visited over the years that have never run a regular maintenance program on their HP TRIM system. Do you know what items need to be regularly checked to ensure that your HP TRIM system operates as you require or if you have missing documents and how to recover them if you do? I can visit your site for a few hours every month and run these maintenance tasks for you. Alternatively, I can show your IT staff what to do and help them to develop a HP TRIM maintenance plan.
I can work with all main HP TRIM Business Partners
I have established good relationships with many of the existing HP TRIM Business Partners. While retaining the ability to remain independent, I will be able to work harmoniously with your existing HP TRIM Business Partner to ensure that your project is delivered as you require.

If you would like to know more about the services that I can offer, please complete and send me a HP TRIM enquiry form (http://www.petersweb.net/hp-trim-enquiry) to let me know a little more about your system before we talk. Of course, you can always email or phone me using the details listed below.

No matter what you would like to with your HP TRIM system, keep me in mind and let me know when you would like to engage me to assist you.

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Posted by PetersWeb - October 10, 2013 at 21:02

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