A new site is born!

I’ve been thinking about another site for some time now.  I already have a successful Football fan site – Yellow and Black and a moderately successful site dealing with another of my favourite subjects – the TRIM User Network.

Initially, I was looking for a site with which I could use my vBulletin 4.x license.  I installed it and created The Aussie Forum; a site where just about anything goes!  I needed somewhere where people could swap jokes, talk about their problems and desires, discuss sex, talk politics, and generally talk about anything they want to.  The Aussie Forum is that place!

I’ve now replaced the vBulletin forum as it didn’t suit the needs of the site.  Tonight, I’ve replaced it with the phpBB software.  It’s their latest software – phpBB Version 3.08.  In the next few days, I’ll add a Joomla CMS to the site to enhance the user experience.

I hope that you’ll call by and check out the site.  I also hope that you’ll start a topic and or add your opinion to an existing one.