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We’re adopting Buddypress on our sites

Regular visitors to this site (not many I’ll admit!) may have noticed a change to the regular WordPress tools.  I installed Buddypress on the site to aid user interaction and allow a more community-type feel.

In addition to Buddypress, I’ve also installed an invoicing plugin that will soon allow Peter’s Web and IT Services clients to access their invoices via this website.  The Buddypress Groups will also be used for clients (and anyone else who cares) to post questions and information about topics that interest them.  Where possible, I’ll respond as soon as I can but if you know the answer, feel free to provide it!

I hope that you enjoy the new tools that are available on this site.  I hope to introduce more as the need arises.

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Posted by PetersWeb - March 9, 2012 at 11:58

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Times are a changing!

I’ve added the ability to get some user interaction on the site.  In the past, I’ve used this site primarily to post the odd (sometimes very odd!) update on what I’m getting involved in from a business perspective.

From today, I’d like to encourage you to join me in discussing Web technologies, Domain Names, Hosting, and Information Management.  These are all subjects I’m interested in and ones that I concentrate on in my business.  I’m happy to discuss these topics in the Group forums so come on and get involved!

If you’re looking to host your own website, don’t forget that you can purchase your Domain Names and Hosting Packages through my storefront.  You’ll find the link to the storefront on the top right hand side of the homepage.

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Posted by PetersWeb - March 8, 2012 at 21:09

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