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FootyBeat website no more

For many years now, I’ve run another footy forum – it started out its life as “My Footy” and recently changed its name to “FootyBeat”. My time is a little more limited now than when I first started the My Footy website, so I’ve decided to do away with it and redirect all the site’s URLs to the Yellow and Black website.

I’ve run the AFL WebRing for nearly 10 years now and have used the My Footy/FootyBeat website to provide support, tips, and discussion about the WebRing with it’s members. I’ve also moved this forum to Yellow and Black so that members of the AFL WebRing can still get support where needed.

To get started as a member of the AFL WebRing, simply visit theĀ WebRing Hub page and sign up!

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Posted by PetersWeb - February 18, 2011 at 10:34

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